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This test helps to detect the genetic material and fragments of coronavirus. During this procedure, our phlebotomists take swabs from the nose and throat to obtain Nasopharyngeal Swab Specimen, which is then examined for diagnosis. RT- PCR is the common test to diagnose Covid-19, which takes only minutes for swab collection, and it may take some hours to get the result. RT-PCR is also the most accurate test relatively.

Antigen tests are immunoassays that measure the presence of a macromolecule of coronavirus using antigen. Varying from RT-PCR, the swab is collected only from the nasal cavity. As the name suggests, this test provides results rapidly within 15 – 30 minutes, approximately. Aura takes pride in helping more than 500 patients test for Covid 19 with Rapid Antigen Test. Feel free to visit Aura for a Rapid Antigen Test.

There is a significant difference between the Rapid Antibody Test and other tests. With an antibody test, you could identify whether your body has a strong immunity to resist Covid-19. It’s also used to check whether a person was infected by Covid-19 in the past. For this test, our phlebotomist collects blood samples by drawing them from a vein or by finger prick. Get it from Aura. Contact us for more details.

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Experienced Professionals

We have profoundly experienced phlebotomists and clinical laboratory professionals who provide the best service.

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With our expert swab collection and testing, we ensure the results are as accurate as possible. We also ensure patient details we store are correct.

Hygienic Environment

We care about virus transmission, and to that end, we keep the lounge and testing area always sanitized.

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1500+ RT-PCR Tests

More than 1500 patients have trusted us for RT-PCR tests needed for diagnosis, pre-travel, and post-travel purposes.

1000+ Rapid Antigen Tests

We pride ourselves on helping multitudinous patients determine the presence of Covid-19 with Rapid tests.

800+ Antibody Tests

We are proud that we could furnish numerous patients with expert Antibody tests.