Internal Medicine

The Step-by-step Process of Our Consultation

1 . Listen

When you meet our Internist for a consultation, the first thing he/she does is ask you in detail about your health concerns, listen to what you have to say and understand your concerns.

2 . Analyse History

Consequently, our Internist asks whether you have specific symptoms. He/she will also ask about your health history to understand more about your health issue.

3 . Examine

Next, our Internist checks for the signs of diseases. This checkup varies according to your illness. Normally, our Internists analyse your pulse, tongue, blood pressure, heart, and blood if needed.

4 . Diagnose

Finally, our internist diagnoses & prescribe medicines or suggest treatments. For complicated diseases, he/she will refer you to another hospital for further analysis and treatment.

Why Choose Us

Experienced Doctors

Aura takes pride in boasting Internal Medicine Specialists who have years of experience in diagnosis, and treatment.

Compassionate Care

We always make sure to treat our patients with courtesy, compassion, and honesty.

Excellent Support Staff

Our Internists are assisted by passionate and courteous nurses, who make patients’ experiences even better.

Diseases We Treat


Thyroid Disorders

Our experts provide medications and radioactive iodine to treat hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.


Diabetes Mellitus

Treating diabetes mellitus, generally a group of diseases leading to high blood pressure with a healthy diet, insulin and more.



We provide expert treatment for pyrexia and help ease the discomfort caused due to the rise in body temperature.


Enteric Fever (Typhoid)

We prescribe medications and supportive care to relieve Typhoid – an infection caused via contaminated food or water.


Chicken Pox

Our doctors furnish vaccines and antiviral medications for Chicken Pox – one of the highly contagious infections.



The reactivation of Chicken Pox, causing rashes. We treat it with medications and suggest self-care methods.

Diseases We Diagnose


Ischaemic Heart Diseases

We expertly diagnose and refer to specialized centres for further treatment if the medication doesn’t suffice.


Valvular Heart Disease

According to the severity of the condition, we refer to specialized centres for comprehensive treatment or surgeries.


Acute Myocardial Infarction

If we identify that Acute Myocardial Infarction needs cardiac rehabilitation or surgery, we refer to other hospitals.