Paediatric Dentistry

paediatric dentistry

Never Be Childish With
Your Child Dental Health

Nothing is purer than a child’s smile and as parents, we should ensure their smile remains gorgeous. Does your kid have any dental concerns like cavities, toothache or anything? If yes, don’t be late to visit our paediatric dental expert. With expert care and regular dental checkups, children can reach adulthood with a healthy and happy smile. Visit Aura and consult with our experts to address your child’s dental issues. We focus on the overall dental needs of the growing children and have a unique approach to the treatment to present them with healthy smiles. Our affordable and comprehensive paediatric dental services assist in improving your child’s facial appearance, preventing dental disease and improving overall oral health.

Treatments We Provide

Preventive Dental Care

We are of the ideology that prevention is better than cure. And, it is important to make sure ensure your child doesn’t come across dental issues. In fact, the rise in tooth decay conditions in children nowadays is caused mainly by the changes in diet and not knowing about the benefits of Preventive Dental Care. However, most dental diseases are preventable. We want children to enjoy the beginning of their life to the best and avoid the pain and concerns associated with dental disease.

Treatments Included in Our Preventive Dental Care

Diet Analysis
Pit & Fissure Sealants:
Fluoride Therapy

Dental Decay Management

Depending on the symptoms, age and general health condition, we suggest various procedures for the treatment of dental decay in children. Most of the cases require the removal of a decayed part of the tooth and replacing it using fillings while others are treated by utilizing a wide range of decay management therapies. We implement modern technologies for the expert management of tooth decay after identifying the condition.

Pulp Therapy
Dental Crowns
Space Maintainer

Myobrace - Preventive Pre-Orthodontic Treatment

Nowadays, crooked teeth can be seen in many children. But what if you could enhance your child’s smile, improve the development of the jaw, prevent overcrowding of teeth, breathing and even their sleep? Modern research brings out the fact that crooked teeth are not genetic, but rather an outcome of bad oral habits including mouth breathing as well as swallowing habits and incorrect tongue, which usually begins in early childhood days and restricts proper jaw development.

Myobrace System or Preventive pre-orthodontic treatment that analyses the root cause of such dental conditions as crooked teeth, and addressing them without requiring tooth extraction or braces and promoting natural growth and development. While commonly treating children of 3 to 15 years of age, it involves the usage of a series of removable intra-oral appliances that could be worn for usually 1-2 hours each day and overnight during sleep.

While addressing the underlying causes of both dental and facial issues, Myobrace treatment allows children to correct their bad oral habits at the earliest. Myobrace activities that involve regular usage of the appliance along with mouth exercises can help stretch and strengthen the lips, cheek muscles and tongue. While offering early diagnosis and allowing intended jaw development, the teeth straightening is made possible without the help of braces.

Other Solutions We Provide

Sports Guards
Night Guard
Habit-breaking Appliances

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