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Delivering high-quality orthodontic services to patients by utilizing advanced dental techniques. Our orthodontic department at Aura focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and correction of malpositioned teeth and jaws. We bring out your confident smile while helping improve overall dental health. Aura’s orthodontists are well specialized in offering expert solutions depending on the health conditions of your teeth and gum.

The What & The Why

Having perfectly aligned teeth would be convenient for you to bite, chew and speak. When your teeth get misaligned, keeping them clean would be a hard job, and it wears out your teeth enamel, which leads to the need for the implementation of orthodontic solutions. Orthodontic treatment involves making changes in jaw bones, facial bones and soft tissue while the teeth get moved into the correct positions. Orthodontic care generally begins with the proper examination of teeth and mouth by analyzing the dental records including x-rays, photos and models of the teeth to furnish you with personalized orthodontic solutions. Untreated misaligned teeth may result in tooth decay, gum disease and difficulty in chewing. With advanced and comfortable orthodontic solutions, you could reduce the risk of having serious dental problems.

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