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Tackling the Root of Your Dental Issue

Aura provides expert endodontic treatments to help ensure dental health while treating infected pulp. We are dedicated and well experienced in advanced root canal therapy as well as offer high-quality service. Our endodontists at Aura are committed to offering the best-suited treatment strategy after analyzing the root cause of dental concerns.


With endodontics, tooth extraction is no longer the only choice. The endodontics department focuses on analyzing and treating dental pulp. An endodontist help treat the infected tooth with root canal treatment rather than removing it.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Being the main procedure in endodontics, root canal treatment consists of a sequence of procedures. Root canal treatment mainly focuses on treating a damaged or infected tooth while removing the infected pulp from the root canals. It is then cleaned and disinfected before filling with an inert material. In this way, the tooth function is restored and is kept safe from future infection.

Why Root Canal Treatment?
Factors That Cause Pulp Infection
Common Symptoms of Pulp Infection

Equipped With Modern Equipment

By utilizing an endodontic microscope, endodontists are able to see the details that are crucial for the treatment. At Aura, we use an advanced Endodontic Microscope for Root Canal Treatment. This equipment is designed to serve the purpose of delivering ideal magnification of the root canal while helping the specialist to maintain a convenient working position. Improved magnification is also beneficial for laser dentistry and other clinical situations. Additionally, the camera attached would help stream the photos to a monitor for the audience to view the procedure thereby acting as a valuable teaching tool and the videos could be useful for documentation purposes.

RCT - Single Sitting & Multiple Sitting

Aura provides both Single sitting as well as Multiple sitting RCT.
Single sitting root canal treatment requires fewer appointments and involves the treatment of endodontically involved teeth in a single visit. Usually done on a single-rooted tooth with no acute infection, single sitting consumes less time. Most importantly, the removal of infected pulp, cleaning of the root canal and filling it with inert material, all are done in a single sitting.

On the other hand, multiple sitting require multiple visits and the first sitting involves the removal of infected pulp and disinfection with the help of sodium hypochlorite. On the second visit, biomechanical preparation would be complete and the canal is then filled with an inert filling material. The last procedure involves the restoration and the implementation of a crown to protect the tooth from further damage.

Is Root Canal Painful?

Our endodontist will make use of local anaesthesia to numb the infected area of the tooth while ensuring minimized pain. For the first few days following the completion of root canal treatment, the tooth may feel sensitive especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. However, the intake of analgesics could be useful in controlling the discomfort.


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