Aura’s dentistry services focus on providing the best solutions for your dental issues. We help eliminate pain-causing cavities, damaged pulp, worries of missing teeth and more. Our expert dentists are well qualified to provide you with a set of preventive measures for a healthy dental life.

At Aura, we offer dental implants, crowns, bridges and dentures as well to replace your missing teeth or damaged teeth. We also provide root canal procedures for the effective removal of the infected pulp.

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We boast a team of expert dermatologists at Aura who strive to deliver excellent skincare services. With our services from general to cosmetic dermatology, we ensure your skin health and help maintain it. All in all, our dermatologists boast expertise in treating various skin diseases.

We offer a set of laser procedures for the treatment of various skin diseases and to improve cosmetic appearance. We leverage derma roller, RF micro-needling and more to help rejuvenate the skin.

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hijama treatment

Hijama Treatment

At Aura, we provide hijama treatment procedures or simply, cupping therapy to help ease back pain, neck pain, purify blood and more. We boast a team of expert professionals with excellent knowledge in offering various cupping therapies where special cups are used to create suction on the skin.

We provide a wide range of authentic cupping therapies including dry cupping, wet cupping and more enabling better blood flow. Our procedures also help you relax and keep your skin healthy.

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Internal Medicine

Our internal medicine specialists at Aura focus on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of internal diseases affecting adults. We analyze the patient’s condition and provide the best possible solution. All in all, we offer an expert diagnosis as well as compassionate care to our patients.

We boast a team of expert internists who offer routine checkups as per your preference to identify any health condition at the earliest. We understand you very well to implement an apt preventive plan.

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internal medicine
general medicine

General Medicine

Aura boasts a team of expert general medicine specialists who strive to provide non-surgical treatments to various diseases occurring to patients of all ages. We work closely with the patients and provide expert care while analyzing the root cause of their diseases from acute to chronic ones.

Aura’s experts in general medicine offer preventive care to the patients. Our general medicine specialists not only give referrals but coordinate with them for patients’ onward health and wellness.

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Laboratory Services

Aura’s laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment to meet the needs of every patient. We strive to offer fast and accurate results allowing the patient to get a proper diagnosis at the earliest. We conduct all the tests in a clean and sterilized environment leaving no chance for risking accuracy.

Our expert hands at Aura offer a wide range of laboratory services including complete blood count, thyroid profile, lipid profile, liver function test and more to help with early detection and diagnosis.

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PCR, Antigen & Antibody Test

Aura offers a set of tests to identify the presence of the virus that causes COVID-19. We strive to provide you with accurate results for the early detection and diagnosis of the Covid-19. Our healthcare professionals are well experienced in swab collection and analysis.

We offer reliable tests including PCR, Antigen and Antibody tests to check whether the patient is infected with COVID-19. Do not hesitate to visit our laboratory if you are showing symptoms.

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Why Choose Us for our services

Affordable Services

We clearly understand the value of hard-earned money. Thus, we offer our services at relatively affordable rates.

Multi Linguistic Team

Our doctors hail from different countries. Hence, language wouldn’t be a barrier to avail our service.

Empathetic Care

We strive to deliver the best healthcare service by treating our patients with compassion, respect and honesty.

Before & After

This is how it may look before & after our treatment

Everyone should have the opportunity to harness one’s innate beauty which makes a person evolve into someone who is self-assured, unburdened and positive. The feelings of inadequacies about one’s outward appearance hinder a person from embracing and tapping into this great part of the self. With our aesthetic treatments, we can ensure that people may feel confident in their own appearance.

  • Before-Dental-1
    Before Dental-1 After
  • Before-skin diseases
    After-skin diseases
    Before skin diseases After
  • Before-derma
    Before derma After
  • Before-Dental 2
    After-Dental 2
    Before Dental 2 After

Our Success in Numbers

350+ Root Canal Treatments

We pride ourselves on helping more than 350 patients to save their painful teeth and helping them smile.

350+ Skin Procedures

From Cyst Excision to Chemical Peels, we have provided more than 350 Skin procedures over the years.

1500+ RT-PCR Tests

More than 1500 patients have trusted us for RT-PCR tests needed for diagnosis, pre-travel, and post-travel purposes.