why dental implants are important
24 May 2022

Why You Need Dental Implants

Missing a tooth is a terrible experience. Isn’t it? It can affect our confidence and make us too self-conscious when we smile or talk. Not to mention the difficulty in chewing and eating the food. This is where dental implants come in. It became one of the most pioneer contributions in dental science long back itself. With dental implants, you could restore the teeth. It’s not just about restoration but dental implants can also provide a strong artificial root, making it easy to chew. Dental implant surgery involves drilling and setting a metal screw into the gum bone and placing implants. While you have several options to replace the teeth after the tooth loss, dental implants can offer benefits that the other replacement options can’t.

Firstly, implants can improve the overall appearance. The implant is fixed within the jawbone, so the replacement teeth look like natural teeth. Your dentist will match the colour of the new teeth to provide a natural look. Apart from just tooth care and cosmetic purpose, dental implants are beneficial in improving your speech. As implants provide a strong foundation, people need not be concerned that teeth might slip. And, implants can ease the process of eating, making chewing easier. One of the most significant benefits of implants is that they help to attain full chewing power.

A poor bite can also lead to problems with your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and complications like headaches and others. All these health problems can potentially impact your self-esteem, which the implants tackle. The durability of dental implants is another feature that makes them an ideal option for tooth replacement. Because the dental implant is made up of titanium and fixed with the jawbone, it is highly durable. Having Improved oral health with long-lasting duration is the benefit you get.

You know, losing permanent teeth results in bone loss that changes the structure of your face and makes it asymmetrical. Tooth loss affects the remaining teeth and there is a chance of losing bones in the lower half of the mouth, which can potentially lead to a sagging face. With implants, the level and structure of your teeth are restored and this problem is tackled effectively.


Long story short, dental implants are truly effective in replacing damaged teeth. Furthermore, it’s strong and durable, helps in improving the bite, keeps the shape of the face intact, and improves your confidence to smile, indirectly. If you have a missing tooth and want a replacement, feel free to visit Aura. We offer various dental implants that could match your needs. Consult with our dental expert initially and get an apt dental implant.