RT-PCR Testing: What You Need To Know

what is rt pcr test
25 May 2022

RT-PCR Testing: What You Need To Know

Covid-19 might be the biggest pandemic we have seen in recent years. Since its arrival, the whole world had gone through a tough time. As you might know, the presence of the virus is identified through the RT-PCR test, which is the most effective way to determine coronavirus in people and provides an accurate result compared to other tests. Even though the cases have plummeted globally, in some countries it’s mandatory to take this test. It’s also crucial to read and follow all RT-PCR guidelines for the safety of both you and the co-passengers. Also, even now, some doctors suggest taking the test if they are symptoms.

Then there is the thing you need to know about the sample collection. You might know that during sample collection, the healthcare professional inserts a flexible stick with a swab on the tip into the nose to collect respiratory material. Then there is the antigen test which is faster to deliver the test result but not accurate when compared to the RT-PCR test. While RT-PCR takes nearly 24 hours to deliver the test result, the Rapid antigen test takes only a few hours.

Let us now see how the sample is processed for the test in the laboratory. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a process operated for analysis. Medical experts treat samples with specific chemicals for this process. Conversion of RNA into DNA takes place during the Reverse transcription to find out the existence of coronavirus from the sample. They use particular software to interpret the signal during the process, whether it’s positive or negative.

You get the result through a website or mobile application. When you receive the result, either the report may be positive or negative. The negative test result indicates you don’t have a covid infection while considering the time of specimen collected. On the other hand, a positive result indicates the presence of the virus. If your test is positive, you may need to quarantine yourself and also need to postpone any pre-planned journey. Before that, you need to inform your healthcare provider in your area, stay home and separate yourself from yourself and others.

It is necessary to know that the RT-PCR test is to determine the current existence of coronavirus in your body. Doctors recommend preferring the RT-PCR test rather than the antigen test because the latter is not as accurate as the RT-PCR test. Contact us to get your reliable RT-PCR test done quickly to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones with our service.